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Is it Ok to Wear “Work Out” Shoes for Activities other than Working Out?

Well, there are two answers to this question. If you mean, is it ok to wear your “work out” shoes for different activities throughout the day, that aren’t necessarily “working out”, the answer is sure.

But, if what you mean is, is it ok to wear your athletic shoes all day long, every day…well, then the answer is no. What you don’t want to do is wear your “work out shoes” all of the time (working out, doing chores and to work) day after day after day. For one thing, it breaks down your shoes really quickly.


It is best to have a few shoes to rotate from activity to activity, throughout the day or on a daily basis. This gives your shoes time to dry out (your feet do sweat) and it also works different muscles in your feet and legs. If you are rotating different styles of shoes (running shoes, clogs, dress shoes, sandals, boots, etc) every other day or even throughout your day, you also rotate which foot and leg muscles that you use.  If you are required to wear an athletic shoe to work or a specific shoe to work, switch up your shoes when you get home or wear a different style of shoe on your day off.  This gives other foot and leg muscles a much needed break.


If you don’t have a budget for several styles of shoes, don’t sweat it.  If you have two pair of shoes, rotate them as much as you can.  If you only have one pair, just break those toes free every once in a while and wiggle them around. 🙂  Morynn Marx, Board Certified Pedorthist offers this simple suggestion, “two minutes of daily toe crunches are a great exercise for the twenty eight muscles in the foot.”


***We do have many customers who have doctor prescribed orthotics or recommended footwear.  In cases like this, always follow doctors orders.





Schuler Shoes Board Certified Pedorthist Morynn Marx offers her expert opinion on the subject.

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