Do You Get a Kick Out of Your Boots?

I love boots.  Being able to mix boots into my wardrobe might be the single best thing about the weather turning cooler.  Jumping into a fabulous pair of boots can add the perfect kick to what could be a simple, ordinary outfit.  To be honest, a new pair of boots has added life to my wardrobe many times over.


Do you have a favorite boot look?  Are you all business, all casual or a little bit of both?  Tailored business suit and skirt with a sleek pair of amazing boots?  Hand knit sweater, boot cut jeans and ankle boots?  Snow bunny?  You feel (and look) great in a ski jacket, jeans and snow boots. Baggy sweater, leggings and super fun, super cute casual boots? Or, are you a skinny jeans and boots type of girl? Personally, my body gets in fights with skinny jeans.  I sure do love that look though.  So many boots, so many looks…so little time…scratch that…quite a bit of time to wear them all, at least here in Minnesota. 🙂

I think boots in the colder months add the same sort of excitement as a great pair of sandals do in the warmer months. They just seem to spice things up. 

I have posted a few photos below from our Boot Event Book that should be hitting mailboxes and email inboxes this week.  Our Boot Event is going on now through November 25th. This is a great opportunity to save on styles from some of your favorite brands.  During our Boot Event, you can save $15 on any regular priced boot purchase of $100 or more and spice up your wardrobe at the same time.   For more details and to search for great boots –

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