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Chacos Truly are Fit for Adventure



Having the right shoes on your feet that feel good and fit correctly can truly make or break a great adventure.  You have heard the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson “Life is a journey, not a destination”, right?  Well, the journey is just so much more enjoyable in a really good pair of shoes.

Whether your adventure is hiking, walking the trails or working the concession stand at the weekend basketball tournament, you want shoes that support your entire body.  Chaco is one of my favorite brands that we carry.  The Chaco tagline says it all…Chaco Fit for Adventure.  I completely agree.  These shoes, sandals and boots are so sturdy and rugged and supportive that they can take you about anywhere and keep your feet feeling great.  I have a very favorite pair of Chaco shoes that I wear when I know that I will be on my feet all day.  Chaco offers excellent arch support, which is really important to me because of my high arches.  I am also a runner, so when I kick off my running shoes and need to support my tired feet, my Chacos do a wonderful job.

If you want shoes that support you whether you are on your feet all day at your 2nd graders field trip to the science museum or you are on your 2nd week traveling through Europe, I would highly recommend giving Chaco shoes a try.


Have fun on your adventures in life.  I hope your path is full of friends, fun, lots of laughter and I guess a few challenges (to keep you tough).  It sort of feels right to close this blog post down with another Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, so here goes….”Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”.


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