Adventures on the Hudson – Part 2

First Day, New York Harbor

Garbe, Steve. 2018.


Amelia’s grandparents bought a boat and named it Miss Liberty. When they departed on their trip down the Mississippi, around Florida and up the East coast, Amelia declared she’d be with them when Miss Liberty passed in front of the Statue of Liberty. Friday morning Amelia flew into Newark and met her grandparents on their boat at Staten Island.


Garbe, Steve. 2018.


Amelia: I woke up at 4:15am because I got to go on the airplane to go to New York to visit my grandparents! They are boating on the Great Loop. It’s a boat trip around half the United States where you go fun places, like New York!


Garbe, Steve. 2018.


They immediately departed for New York Harbor. Like Scuffy the Tugboat, “Miss Liberty” was tossed in the waves from the ocean, passing freighters, and the bustling ferries of New York Harbor.


Garbe, Steve. 2018.


Stay tuned for Amelia’s adventure into New York City in our next blog post!

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