Adventures on the Hudson – Part 1

Come along with Amelia and her family in this 4-part series as they take on the Hudson river in her grandpa’s faithful tugboat: Miss Liberty.


Garbe, Steve. 2018.


Growing up, his favorite book was “Scuffy the Tugboat”. The toy tugboat wanted to experience a bigger world, so he escaped down a stream, to a river, and the ocean, seeing incredible sights along the way. Amelia’s grandfather is halfway through that journey now.


Garbe, Steve. 2018.


Departing from his hometown Hudson, Wisconsin, he’s been down the Mississippi, through the gulf, and around Florida. Amelia, the eager First Mate, saw him off two years ago, and joined him for a week in Florida last year. Now she’s flying into Newark to join her grandparents in New York Harbor. They’ll see the big city from a vantage point few experience. Then they’ll journey up the Hudson river, explore the Erie Canal, and come to an end in Syracuse where the boat will go into storage until they return next year to explore the Great Lakes canals in Canada and the Northeast. Amelia will be a year bigger and so will the adventures.


Garbe, Steve. 2018.


Traveling by boat also means travelling without a car. The family will put on a lot of miles walking and biking: to find a grocery store, a fun adventure, or just explore the towns and cities along the way. They’ll also travel light, with outfits and shoes good for a fancy restaurant with Grandma, and the long walk to get there.


Garbe, Steve. 2018.


Stay tuned for Amelia’s journey to New York in our next blog post!


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