A Fresh Face on a Familiar Place

Schuler Shoes has been around for a looooong time.  In fact, 2014 marks 125 years that Schuler Shoes has been in business.  Isn’t that amazing?  If you have shopped at our stores, you have experienced our commitment to customer service.  If you have met John Schuler or members of the Schuler family, it is easy to see that the caring and kindness comes from them and shines brightly throughout our company.

You may have noticed over the past few weeks that we have started to change our look.  A new logo and updates to our stores.  While our look changes a bit, we remain the same “sit and fit” (you sit, we measure you feet for a great fit) shoe company that was built on strong values, family, loyalty and a promise to take care of our customers.

Our company put together a wonderful piece that explains who we are, where we come from and our plans for the future.  I hope you enjoy…
In 1889, the Vincent Schuler family embarked on a tireless endeavor to pursue the American dream by founding Schuler Shoes. As one store grew to many, one man’s dream became an undertaking across four generations to properly fit comfortably stylish footwear to the right person. Today, the Schuler community works just like your most reliable pair, always there to fit your sole.

We believe the right shoe fit can lead to a healthier, more joyful life. We staff our stores with knowledgeable consultants who identify your unique needs and lead you to the best footwear for comfort, day in and day out.

We promise to bring joy by fitting you with comfortably stylish footwear.

Not much has changed; you’ll only see improvements. If you have never been to a store, you might be pleasantly surprised after you spend a moment sitting in one of our chairs and getting fit.

We invite you to relax while we fit your soles. We invite you to find a little moment of joy for your feet and yourself.

OUR SOULKindness. By being kind to our fellow employees, the act is transferred to our customers. No matter if your role has you interacting with customers, your kind acts can impact how customers feel about Schuler Shoes. We believe in the power of kindness and responding to unkind acts with bountiful kindness. We act with kindness, because we are kind souls.Forgiveness. Having the grace to forgive. We know there are moments when frustration happens and the kindness as a value seems forgotten with the wind. By allowing ourselves to forgive, we don’t let the act go unnoticed, but rather we don’t let it change how we act. Granting forgiveness is a gift to ourselves to allow kindness to continue. If we can be kind, we can also forgive.

Respect. Having respect for others comes from respecting ourselves. If we show our fellow employees respect it shows the quality of our personal character. Hence, we can transfer our sense of self worth by being respectful of others.

We see the courtesy of respect as something central to our customer relationships; therefore, we also see it in our fellow employees. With respect we show the character of our soul.

Trust. The final period in our sentence. The other values are the ingredients for trust. We
know trust is often granted once but less often given again after broken. This is why we build a strong foundation of trust; it earns us a long-term membership in our local and internal community. Build trust by living the values we hold in high regard.


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